Dave Ohlsen Photography

Welcome to my "extraordinary moments".

This world we share is an ever-changing, powerful, and inspiring force. The moments captured through my photographs would have taken place with or without me. I bring little more to the party than my patience, and a modest skill in coaxing out and framing, those things which are difficult, if not impossible to improve upon. It is always my goal to intercept these special moments when lighting and subject combine to create the unusual, or the beautiful. As a result, my images will rarely look like travel postcards as I focus on the less often seen or documented expressions of our world. Being there for those extraordinary moments is often humbling and is always enormously satisfying.

I hope you will also gain a sense of that satisfaction as you join my "extraordinary moments".

Dave Ohlsen

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Special "Limited Edition" prints are available by order. Just contact Dave Ohlsen at the email address noted above to make arrangements for your specific print.